Person Name19th Angus Rover Scouts; 1933-1936
ActivityThe Boy Scout movement was founded in Britain in 1908 by Lieutenant-General Robert (later Lord) Baden-Powell (1857-1941), famous for his defence of Mafeking (1899-1900) during the Boer War. The organisation was initially for boys aged 11 to 14 or 15, and aimed to develop good citizenship, and skill in various outdoor activities. The Scouts were organised into small groups (patrols) of six or seven under a boy patrol leader. Training included tracking, reconnaissance, mapping, signalling, knotting, first aid, and other skills relevant to camping and outdoor activities. Training was rewarded by the granting of badges, and a daily good deed encouraged. Scouts had to obey the Scout Law, a simple code of chivalrous behaviour. The Rover Scouts were young adults, and their activities included charity fundraising, football and other sports, summer camping, talks and parties. They were already well-established in Angus by 1933, and the 19th group or 'crew' was increasing in membership between then and 1936.
Corporate Name19th Angus Rover Scouts
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