Person NameBrechin Burgh Surveyor's Office; 1893-1975
ActivityThere was a settlement at Brechin as early as the 10th century as King Kenneth MacMalcolm (971 – 995) founded a church dedicated to the Holy Trinity combined with a Culdee College. Brechin was created a Royal Burgh in 1641 by a charter of Charles II and adopted the General Police and Improvement Act before 1871. It was governed by a Provost, 2 Baillies, a Dean of Guild, a Treasurer, a Hospital Master and 7 Councillors. There was also a body of police commissioners. Brechin was also a parliamentary burgh and along with Montrose, Arbroath, Forfar and Bervie, returned an M.P. to Parliament.The Burgh Surveyor was generally responsible for public works, for lighting and related services and for ensuring that buildings within the Burgh were kept in good repair by their owners.
Corporate NameBrechin Burgh Surveyor's Office
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