Person NameNorth of Scotland Electricity Board; 1943-1992
ActivityThe Grampian Electricity Company was formed in 1922 with the passing of the Grampian Electricity Supply Bill which was promoted by the Duke of Atholl and John William Beaumont, the Chairman of Lloyds Bank. The firm aimed to develop the substantial potential within Perthshire and the Highlands for the production of hydroelectric power. Financial difficulties at the end of 1922 led to the firm Power Securities buying a controlling interest in the company and this interest was later sold to the Scottish Power Company Ltd. In 1943, the North of Scotland Electricity Board was created and in 1948 the industry was nationalised, making the North of Scotland Electricity Board responsible for all electricity production and transmission in the north of Scotland. In the 1990s the industry was privatised and Scottish and Southern Energy plc (formerly Scottish Hydro Electric) is now one of the main providers of electricity in the north of Scotland.
Corporate NameNorth of Scotland Electricity Board
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