Person NameScott; family; of Comieston
ActivityThe association of the Scott family with Comieston began in the early 18th century when John Scott, son of Provost James Scott of Logie and Catherine Orrock, was given the estate by his father. On John's death in 1707, the estate passed to Lt Col James Scott, his nephew. His son, Colonel John Scott, inherited the estate on Lt Col Scott's death and began to add land in Angus and Kincardine to the estate. He married Margaret Carnegie of Kinnaird but they had no children. His brother James, who was a merchant in London, and reputedly the black sheep of the family, inherited the estate around 1786. On his death, it fell to his son James, resident in Limerick. He found it necessary to sell off large portions of his assets. His daughter Alicia eventually inherited and married James Maurice-Scott. She died in 1819.
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