Person NameMontrose Public Library; 1905-
ActivityMontrose Public Library was opened on 5 July 1905 by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie (1835 - 1919). The idea of having a Public Library had been discussed in the town since 1887. The town already had a Trades Library and a Subscription Library but this was felt to be insufficient. Between them they had a total stock of 30,000 books but neither of them could provide a proper reading room. The Trades Library agreed to donate their books in the event of a Public Library being set up. Many in the town were concerned that the town was not sufficiently prosperous to afford the increase in rates to support the project, so in common with many other local authorities in Britain they approached Andrew Carnegie as a source of funding. He agreed to assist if a suitable site was located and gifted £7,500 to build the library. The Free Libraries Act was adopted on 13 January 1902. Gifts began to accumulate from local people. The library was designed by J Lindsay Grant of Manchester in the Scottish Baronial style. James Christieson was appointed the first librarian on 9 June 1904 and he remained there until after the Second World War. The building underwent substantial renovations during the 1980s, and now also houses Angus Archives.
Corporate NameMontrose Public Library
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