Person NameAngus Unionist Association; 1937-1938
ActivityThe Unionist movement began in the 1880s when the Liberal Party split into two over Gladstone's plans for Home Rule for Ireland. The Protestant conservative majority in Scotland were anti-Devolution and anti-Home Rule for Scotland as well as Ireland, as Scotland in general, and urban areas such as Glasgow in particular, had benefitted greatly from the trade and wealth brought in by the Empire. The Unionists and Conservatives were separate parties for the first 30 years of their existence although they were co-operating from an early stage. Talks concerning a merger began in 1911 and the emerging party showed Unionists to be dominant. John Gilbert Ramsay, 15th Earl of Dalhousie (1904 - 1950), was elected Honorary President of the Angus Unionist Party in 1937.
Corporate NameAngus Unionist Association
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