Person NameLee; Robert (1804-1868); Reverend; Professor of Biblical Criticism, Edinburgh
EpithetProfessor of Biblical Criticism, Edinburgh
ActivityRobert Lee was born in Tweeddale on 11 November 1804. He was educated at the University of St Andrews and licenced by the Presbytery of St.Andrews on 10 May 1832. He was ordained at Inverbrothock Chapel-of-Ease on the 22 December 1836. He became the minister at Campsie on 5 May 1836 and was transferred to Old Greyfriars church in Edinburgh on 9 November 1843. He was made a Dean of the Chapel Royal and one of Her Majesty's Chaplains-in-Ordinary in 1846 and Professor of Biblical Criticism at Edinburgh University on 20 January 1847. He is noted for his reform of the Presbyterian Church service which he began in 1857 by restoring the reading of prayers and introducing the custom of kneeling at prayer and standing during praise. These innovations and others he introduced created great opposition in the church courts and a case in the General Assembly was pending against him when he fell from his horse in Edinburgh in 1867 and became paralysed. He died on 14 March 1868.
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