Person NameBrechin Arts Guild; 1951-1991
ActivityThe Brechin Arts Guild began on 22 December 1951. Its aim was to foster development of the knowledge and understanding of the Fine Arts by promoting exhibitions, concerts, dramatic, operatic and cinematographic performances, whether professional or amateur, of cultural value. Membership was open to anyone who was willing to assist in the carrying out of these objectives, and who had paid the annual subscription. By 12 January 1952 the Guild had 106 members who attended meetings, concerts, lectures, etc. held on Saturdays at the Brechin Mechanics Hall.The Arts Council of Great Britain agreed to give the Guild advice and supply professional concert and drama companies, art exhibitions and lecturers, and to help the Guild maintain high standards.At the Annual General Meeting of 31 March 1991 the members decided not to continue with the Guild due to a lack of interest.
Corporate NameBrechin Arts Guild
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