Person NameBoard of Trade; 1621-1970
ActivityThe Board of Trade has its origins in the Committee of Privy Council for Trade and Foreign Plantations set up in 1621. This committee went through many changes in the ensuing century but was formally abolished in 1782. It was reconstituted 2 years later by William Pitt and put on a formal footing by an Order in Council in 1786. This order remains in force to the present day. During the 19th century, the functions of the Board of Trade included advising the Crown on matters relating to economic activity in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, and responsibility for patents, designs, trade marks, company regulation, labour and factory matters, control of merchant shipping, mines, agriculture, transport and power. During the 20th century, these duties were transferred bit by bit to newly established government ministries such as the Ministry of Labour (created in 1918) and the Ministry of Fuel and Power (created in 1942 and absorbed into the Ministry of Technology in 1969). In 1970, the Department of Trade and Industry was created which absorbed the remaining powers of the Board of Trade. The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry retains the title of President of the Board of Trade.
Corporate NameBoard of Trade
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