Person NameArbroath Brewers' Society; 1805-1883
ActivityThe first recorded minutes of Arboath Brewers' Society are of 9 December 1805, but the Fraternity must have started prior to that as it mentions that meeting as one of the regular meetings. Meetings were to be held annually in September. Those applying for membership had to have their names forwarded at a meeting and be recommended by two Fraternity members. In a subsequent meeting the Fraternity would decide whether or not they could join. There were two rates of membership, with the son of a Fraternity member paying less. Members were entitled to a seat in the Brewers' Gallery in the Parish Church. If they were married their wife would also be entitled to a seat. They were not allowed to transfer or sublet their seats to anyone else, on threat of being fined. On the death of a member, the widow would receive a guinea, and further funds at the discretion of the Fraternity. No member could be elected as Dean of Fraternity without having spent a year as Boxmaster. The last recorded entry in the minutes is on 24 October 1883, when they elected the next of their members to represent the Fraternity at Guild Council meetings.
Corporate NameArbroath Brewers' Society
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