Person NameNewtyle Library; 1856-1970
ActivityNewtyle Library was founded as a subscription library on 31 March 1856 with only 60 books. Within 12 months the total had grown to 200 titles and an income of £53 a year. John Jack was appointed the first librarian in 1858, a post he retained until his death in 1907. The library employed various means of raising money such as concerts. Various donations and gifts were received thorugh the years including a gift of £5 annually from philanthropist Andrew Carnegie (1835 - 1919) on the condition that the library became a free library.The library had various homes in the village until it came to rest in the Wharncliffe Hall in 1885. The library enjoyed fluctuating fortunes and levels of support but managed to keep offering a service. From 1926 it was supplied with books by the Angus County Library. By 1970 the library was in decline with membership falling as the members had read all of the books. In the same year the County Library opened a branch library in the Wharncliffe Hall and the old subscription library wound itself up. It was one of the last such libraries operating in Scotland.
Corporate NameNewtyle Library
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