Person NameRosemount Stables; 1975-; Hillside, Montrose
EpithetHillside, Montrose
ActivityOn 29 October 1975, an open meeting was held in Hillside Village Hall. The first minute book states that planning permission would be given for the public to use Rosemount estate for horse riding provided a proper constitution and regulations were drawn up. They called the new institution Rosemount Stables, deliberately avoiding the word 'pony' to prevent any confusion with the Pony Club. Membership of Rosemount Stables was open to anyone from Angus district but preference was given to Hillside residents and to those from the Logie-Pert area. The Stables were managed by a committee of nine. It was a non-profit-making organisation to ensure the residents had access to horse riding facilities although charges were made to cover costs. The Stables held classes and gymkhanas.
Corporate NameRosemount Stables
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