Person NameBarrie; Sir; James Matthew (1860-1937); Playwright and novelist
ForenamesJames Matthew
EpithetPlaywright and novelist
ActivityJames Barrie was born on 9 May 1860 in Kirriemuir into a weaving family. His mother was a great influence on him. She brought up her children strictly, never missing the Sunday service at the South Free Church and he often listened to his mother's tales of her childhood. He attended school in a number of towns including Kirriemuir, Glasgow and Dumfries, and subsequently Edinburgh University. At school he continued to put on plays with friends and was determined to be a writer. During his university years he began his writing career producing articles for an Edinburgh newspaper. Following university, he worked for the Nottingham Journal, writing leading articles. When this post ended, he returned to Kirriemuir and began turning his mother's tales into articles, in which Kirriemuir was transformed into 'Thrums', and the articles were published in London newspapers. In 1885, he moved to London where he worked hard on a wide range of articles for newspapers. He had 'Auld Licht Idylls' published in 1888, and many successful novels followed.His most famous and enduring work is 'Peter Pan'. It was performed as a play on 29 December 1904. It was a great success. Barrie was becoming rich and famous and received many honours. He gave the perpetual rights of 'Peter Pan' to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children.He died on 19 June 1937 and is buried at Kirriemuir, next to his parents, sister, and brother David.
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