Person NameCarnoustie Shopkeepers' Plate Glass Insurance Association; 1900-1979
ActivityOn 21 March 1900, 40 shopkeepers agreed to meet to form a Plate Glass Association. 37 of these shopkeepers agreed to join in the formation of the Carnoustie Shopkeepers Plate Glass Insurance Association. The Association aimed to share the cost of repairing expensive plate glass windows. If glass was broken the Secretary or President was to be notified in writing within 24 hours giving particulars of the incident. The Association would replace the glass if they were satisfied that the glass was not broken wilfully or damaged by fire. In case of criminal damage the Association would have the right to sue the party responsible in either the name of the member or the name of the Association. Any surplus funds at the end of the year would be held to cover any extraordinary expense. Any gilding or painting of the glass would not be insured. In 1979 the surviving members met and decided to wind up the Association, dividing the assets of the Association amongst themselves.
Corporate NameCarnoustie Shopkeepers' Plate Glass Insurance Association
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