Person NameLow Family; family
ActivityThere were four generations of Low clockmakers. The first Charles Low was making clocks prior to 1700, and a James Low was operating c1750 - 1780. There are also two other Low clockmakers in Arbroath, a George Low and a John Low. George was born in Arbuthnott in 1769, and later moved to Arbroath. He died of cholera in 1834, and is said to be buried in the unmarked Low family grave in Arbroath Abbey. There are no specific dates for when each individual Low worked. By the 1960s there were in existence 63 clocks made by Charles Low, and 25 made by James Low. The clocks have been taken all over the world: Scotland, England, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, Tanganyika (Tanzania) and the United States of America. James Low clocks usually have a brass face, and Low clocks in general tend to be nicely decorated. One Charles Low clock indicates the time of high water in Arbroath.
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