Person NameStevenson; Reverend John (1836-1903); Church of Scotland minister, Glamis
ForenamesReverend John
EpithetChurch of Scotland minister, Glamis
ActivityJohn Stevenson was born in 1836 in Coupar Angus. He was educated at the University of St Andrews and was licenced by the Presbytery of Meigle in 1859. He was assistant at West Parish in Aberdeen before being ordained to Millbrex in 1861. He was translated to Dun in 1865 and then to Glamis in 1873. He died in 1903. His favourite subject was mycology and he was president of the Cryptographic Society. His book, 'Mycologia Scotia', was published in Edinburgh in 1879 and he also published 'British Fungi' in 2 volumes in 1886.
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