Person NameBurns; Reverend William Chalmers (1815-1868); Church of Scotland missionary, Hong Kong
ForenamesReverend William Chalmers
EpithetChurch of Scotland missionary, Hong Kong
ActivityThe Reverend William Chalmers Burns was born on 1 April 1815 to Reverend William Hamilton Burns (1779 - 1859) and his spouse at the Manse of Dun. The Reverend W H Burns was translated to Kilsyth on 19 April 1821. W C Burns was educated at Marischal College, Aberdeen, and studied law at Edinburgh University. He was licenced by the Presbytery of Glasgow in 1839. He preached all over Scotland, north Ireland and as far south as Newcastle until 1844 when he went to Canada. He later left Canada and returned to Scotland. In 1847 he left Scotland to do missionary work in Hong Kong. He made brief visits back to Scotland in 1854 - 1855. In 1867 he became ill and died at Nieu-chawang on 4 April 1868.
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