Person NameBrechin Soup Kitchen Committee; 1878-1883
ActivityThe Brechin Soup Kitchen was set up to feed the poor and needy during the winter season. It was founded on 20 December 1878 by a variety of clergymen and gentlemen. At the meeting of 23 December 1878, they were informed by Alexander Foote that the purchasers of the Coffee and Refreshement Rooms at Mill Stair had agreed to allow the Soup Kitchen to operate from there. Until the Mill Stair rooms were suitably furnished, the Committee decided to try to get the Temperance Hall as a place to distribute soup. Later minutes mention looking for other premises, including fitting up 75 High Street for the purpose of a Soup Kitchen.The Committee appears to have had difficulty in meeting the demand for its services with people being removed from the list of those to receive soup. It ran at a deficit. By the meeting of 13 January 1879 it was agreed that they would supply soup to those on the Paupers' Roll only if the cases were sanctioned by the Inspector of the Poor and that the Parochial Board would be charged for the supplies. The last recorded meeting in the minute book was on 12 February 1881, but the last accounts in the cash book are for the period 1882 - 1883.
Corporate NameBrechin Soup Kitchen Committee
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