Person NameBrechin Infant School; 1836-
ActivityBrechin Infant School was erected in 1836 - 7 between Bridge Street and Union Street (previously Path Wynd and Cadger Wynd) in Brechin. In addition to literacy and numeracy, it aimed to improve the moral and religious habits of the young and to promote 'a taste for cleanliness and order amongst the poorer ranks' (David D. Black, The History of Brechin to 1864, Edinburgh: Paterson, 1867). The school was supported by annual subscriptions from the wealthy philanthropists of Brechin and the surrounding district - Lady Carnegie of Southesk was an enthusiastic benefactor - but it still faced a constant financial struggle.Miss Jessie Alexander, daughter of John Alexander, coal merchant, and Jean Wyllie, was headmistress for 40 years, from 1846 to her retirement in 1886. She was so well-loved and respected that she received a 'handsome testimonial' from the townspeople on her retirement, and on her death, a public subscription was raised to erect a suitable monument and to endow a child's bed in the Infirmary in her memory.The school was transferred to the School Board of the Burgh of Brechin in 1873.
Corporate NameBrechin Infant School
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