Person NameAuchmithie Harbour Trustees; 1888-1906
ActivitySome time before 1890 a steam winch or donkey engine was used to haul the fishing boats up from the beach at Auchmithie in order to prevent their destruction by violent waves and storms. In December 1888 a board of trustees for the proposed harbour was set up. At a meeting on 27 July 1889 the Harbour Trustees agreed to proceed with the building of a harbour based on the design by James Barron, engineer of Wick and other Scottish harbours. Work began, amid great celebration, on Monday 27 January 1890. All but the breakwater was completed by late 1891: as the breakwater was never completed, the harbour became known as a white elephant. Boats were continually damaged by the violent waves and storms. The combination of weather conditions, irregular collection of dues and the decline of the fishing industry led the Harbour Trustees to cease operations in 1906.
Corporate NameAuchmithie Harbour Trustees
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