Person NameArbroath Glovers' Friendly Society; 1802-
ActivityThe Arbroath Glovers' Friendly Society was instituted on 14 December 1802 at a General Meeting of the Incorporation of Glovers. The purpose of the new society was to provide and maintain a fund for widows and their children. They invented a sliding scale of contributions, depending on age. A glover aged 35 - 40 would contribute 6s yearly rising to 13s 4d for the over 60 age group. Each man had to contribute to the scheme for at least 6 years before a payout could be made. Widows would receive a pension of £5 per annum, payable in equal instalments at Whitsunday and Martinmas. This was payable until her death or subsequent remarriage. Children under 14 would be provided for in the event of a glover dying a widower. The rules were overhauled in 1817.
Corporate NameArbroath Glovers' Friendly Society
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