Person NameArbroath Public Library; 1797-
ActivityA Subscription Library was established in Arbroath in 1797 in the guildry buildings but by 1868 had moved to rooms in the public hall. Membership was declining by this time and attempts were made to popularise it, including lowering the subscription.Arbroath Public Library opened on 14 June 1898 after 25 years of debate within the town concerning the adoption of the Public Libraries Act. The catalyst came in 1896 when the former premises of Arbroath High School became vacant. It was purchased from the School Board by manufacturer and former Provost David Corsar for the sum of £1,000. He also promised to pay for renovation work on the building if the Town Council would adopt the Public Libraries Act. When philanthropist Andrew Carnegie (1835 - 1919) offered a donation of £1,000 towards books, the Town Council agreeed and the Act was adopted. Thousands of people attended the festivities when the library was opened in 1898 by Alexander Gordon of Ashludie amid extensive celebrations. It remained largely unaltered until 1984 when a major programme of extensions and renovations was undertaken by Angus District Council.
Corporate NameArbroath Public Library
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