Person NameAbbey Public School; Arbroath; 1486-1969
ActivityThe Abbey School was probably in existence in Arbroath before 1471, though the first evidence of an appointment to the post of teacher appears in 1486. It was founded to educate young monks and for a time flourished though by the sixteenth century it had declined altogether. After the Reformation Abbey Parish School was set up. The newly-established School Board changed the name of the parish school to Abbey Public School in 1873 but initially ignored its overcrowding problems. It was extended to cope with pressure of numbers in 1883, though it was crowded again by 1889, and when the school, now a primary school, was forced to take on pupils from closing schools in 1923 the problem grew even worse, particularly as the area in which it was situated was the focus of considerable post-war housing development. At last in 1954 the school was amalgamated with the nearby Parkhouse School to form Parkhouse-Abbey School. Overcrowding continued, however, and at last the school was closed completely and the children moved to a completely new school at Warddykes, planned from the early 1950s but finally opened in 1969. Abbey Health Centre is now on the old school site.
Corporate NameAbbey Public School
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