Person NameBrechin Ladies' Permanent Coal Fund; 1861-1976
ActivityThe Brechin Ladies' Permanent Coal Fund was established on 28 January 1861 in the Town Hall of Brechin. Their aim was to provide fuel to 'necessitant parties' in the town and parish of Brechin as and when needed. Funds were raised through initial subscriptions and yearly donations of £2.0.0 given by the ladies. Further monies were raised via the Don Bequest which raised £3.13.2 per annum. The Fund was ended due to years of inactivity on 26 May 1976. The final sum of £79.70, less expenses, was donated to the Brechin Victoria Nursing Association and the revenue from the Don Bequest was turned over to the Kirk Session.
Corporate NameBrechin Ladies' Permanent Coal Fund
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