Person NameYoung Men's Christian Association; Brechin; 1866-
ActivityThe Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) movement originated in London in 1844, where it was set up by George Williams (1821 - 1905) and 12 other young men for 'the improvement of the spiritual condition of young men in the drapery and other trades'. Subsequently, the movement spread rapidly throughout the U.K., promoting education, public affairs and citizenship activities and sport for young working class men. The Scottish National Council of YMCAs was founded in 1875. The YMCA is now an international network of non-sectarian organisations providing athletic, recreational, cultural and educational services to their members.The Brechin Y.M.C.A. was instituted in 1866 and in 1878-9 the Young Men's Christian Institute was built at a cost of £1,500. In addition to the meeting hall, the building possessed a reading room and library, which were open daily. There was also a Committee Room, kitchen and Keeper's house. The building was made available for public use as well as for the activities of the Y.M.C.A., which met every Sunday at 10 a.m.The Society organised lectures and debates. Topics ranged from a paper on Cruelty to Animals, to a discussion on 'Is Sunday harvesting justifiable?', an exposition on 'Wonders of the Sky', and another on the Steam Engine.
Corporate NameYoung Men's Christian Association
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