Person NameSt James Lodge of Gardeners; 1769-1834; in Brechin
Epithetin Brechin
ActivityFriendly societies were in existence in the 17th century but reached their peak in the 19th century. They were originally organisations that provided a mechanism for ordinary people to save or make provisions for infirmity, old age, death or burial and are mutual benefit societies owned by their members. They were encouraged by the Registration of Friendly Societies Act 1793 (33 Geo.III c 54). The Friendly Societies Act 1855 (18 & 19 Vict c 63) established the Register of Friendly Societies. Some friendly societies also acted as social clubs and organisations and included the Free Gardeners, Oddfellows and Shepherds' Friendly Society. The St James Lodge of Gardeners in Brechin was set up on 25th July 1769. Four general meetings were held annually. A copy of the rules and regulations, confirmed in 1808, dated 1827, sets out the conditions of membership. A fee of 5s was payable on entry to the Society (more for those over 40), and there were also quarterly dues. In return, members were entitled to receive the following benefits: a sick benefit of 5s per week to those confined to bed, 3s 6d for convalescents; a payment of 20s for burial expenses to a widow or nearest relative, and an annuity of 1s 5d to the widow, or if there was no widow, to any surviving children, until the youngest reached the age of 12. The Clerk kept a register of members, recording their marriages and the births of their children. The Society was dissolved in 1834 and its assets divided between surviving members.
Corporate NameSt James Lodge of Gardeners
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