Dates -1823
Person NameBeattie; George (-1823); solicitor and poet
Epithetsolicitor and poet
ActivityGeorge Beattie, New Wynd, Montrose, was a poet and a solicitor. His most famous poem was the epic ""John O'Arnha"" about John Findlay, a Town Officer and near neighbour. He had an unfortunate romance with Miss William Gibson, daughter of the farmer at Stone of Morphie with whom he fell in love in 1821. In 1823 Miss Gibson inherited a large fortune from an uncle which soon attracted fortune hunters, in particular William Smart, corn merchant. Beattie was no longer suitable and she broke off the engagement. She also publicly ridiculed him for his attempts to win her back and he became a broken man. Beattie committed suicide in St Cyrus kirkyard on 29 September 1823. The new Mrs Smart had a very unhappy marriage.
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