Person Name5th Forfarshire Rifle Volunteer Corps; 1850-1908
ActivityThe 5th Forfarshire Rifle Volunteer Corps was raised in the 1850s in a national movement to encourage volunteer movements to assist the regular army. They grew out of local rifle clubs, had very strong local identities, and were often linked with a particular trade or a particular village. They came under military control, with regulated uniforms and drills, in 1877, but it was not until the Cardwell Reforms of 1881 that they were given formal parent regiments. In the case of the Forfarshire Rifle Corps the local regimental district was that of the Black Watch regiment, newly formed from the old 42nd and 73rd Regiments of Foot. Rifle Corps officially disappeared along with all other volunteer units at the formation of the Territorial Army in 1908, but often held on to their local identity in the name of their territorial unit at least until the First World War.
Corporate Name5th Forfarshire Rifle Volunteer Corps
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