Person NameAssociate Congregation of Brechin (Antiburghers)
ActivityThe Congregation derived from the Antiburgher church and in 1764 it erected a church in Back Vennel, now City Road. In 1821 they joined up with the United Secession church as the first United Association Congregation of Brechin. The uncompromising Auld Licht members and their minister Rev James Gray refused to enter the Union. They left the Congregation and established the Associate Antiburgher Congregation of Brechin. They built their own meeting house in Dodds Wynd at the South Port, now the Temperance Hall. In 1852 this group joined the Free Church only to withdraw in 1854 and return to their original congregation who were known as the City Road United Presbyterian Church by that time.
Corporate NameAssociate Congregation of Brechin (Antiburghers)
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