Person NameTulliallan & Kincardine Education Association
ActivityOn 14 January 1840 a meeting was held in Tulliallan to discuss the lack of school accommodation at which the inhabitants of Tulliallan decided to raise money by subscription to erect a new school house. In March 1840 the Association purchased land from Ann Kippen for £50 and the foundation stone of the new school was laid on 19 May 1840. A bottle containing various documents was placed inside a hole in the foundation stone. In May 1840 the Governenment's Committee on Education granted the Education Association £200 towards building the school. The school opened on 26 January 1841. The Tulliallan and Kincardine Education Association is recorded from 1840 to 1873. In 1873 it was replaced by Tulliallan School Board under the Education (Scotland) Act 1872 (35 & 36 Vict., c.62).
Corporate NameTulliallan & Kincardine Education Association
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