Person NameGregory; John, Walter (1864-1932); geologist, explorer
ForenamesJohn, Walter
Epithetgeologist, explorer
ActivityJohn Walter Gregory (1864-1932), geologist and explorer, was the son of James Gregory, a wool merchant, and Jane Lewis. He was educated at Stepney Grammar School until he was fifteen, and then spent eight years in the wool trade, during which time he graduated from the University of London. From 1887-1900 he was an assistant in the Geological department of the Natural History section of the British Museum. He married Audrey Chaplin, 1895 and they had a son and a daughter. Gregory was Professor of Geology and Minerology at Melbourne University, 1900-1904, and Professor of Geology at Glasgow University, 1904-1929, he then retired to Essex.

Gregory also travelled extensively, including to: to Spitsbergen (1896), Western Canada (1891), Austria, Cyrenaica (1908), Chinese Tibet (1922), and Peru (1932) to examine mountains, to East (1892-1893, 1919), West (1912), and South Africa, Australia, China, and Russia to study plains and plateaux, to New Zealand, Norway, and Dalmatia to see fjords, and to the West Indies for acquaintance with the smaller isles. He was eventually drowned in the rapids of the Urubamba River called the Pongo de Mainique in Peru, 1932. Gregory received honorary degrees from the universities of London, Melbourne, and Lima, the fellowship of the Royal Society (1901), and the medals of various societies. He was president of the Geological Society from 1928 to 1930 and of Section C of the British Association in 1907 and 1931 and of Section E in 1924.Gregory's publications include: 'Geography, Structural, Physical, and Comparative' (1909); 'The Great Rift Valley' (1896); 'The Rift Valleys and Geography of East Africa' (1921).
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