Person NameHutcheson; Francis; songwriter and physician
Epithetsongwriter and physician
ActivityFrancis Hutcheson, the younger, fl 1745-1773, songwriter and physician, also known as Francis Ireland, was the son of Francis Hutcheson (1694-1746), the philospoher. He was born around 1722 and graduated BA, Trinity College, Dublin, 1745 and MD, 1762. He also took the medical degree in Glasgow. Hutcheson's songs, which he often published under the name of Ireland, include: 'As Colin one Evening' (prize 1771); ‘Jolly Bacchus’ (prize 1772); ‘Where Weeping Yews’ (prize in 1773); ‘How Sleep the Brave?’; ‘Return, my Lovely Maid’; ‘To Love and Wine’; ‘Great God of Sleep'.
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