Person NameCochrane; Sir; Thomas John (1789-1872); Admiral of the Fleet
ForenamesThomas John
EpithetAdmiral of the Fleet
ActivityEldest son of Admiral Sir Alexander Forrester Inglis Cochrane, was born on 5 Feb. 1789, entered as a volunteer on board the Thetis in 1796 and continued to serve under his father's pennant, or flag, till June 1805, when he was made lieutenant into the Jason. In September 1805 he was advanced to be commander of the Nimrod, on 23 Jan. 1806 to be acting captain of the Jason, and was confirmed in the rank on 23 April 1806, being then only two months over seventeen.
It is this rapid promotion that constitutes Cochrane's principal claim to distinction. Cochrane continued in the West Indies till 1809, and after two years on half-pay commanded the Surprise frigate on the coast of North America till the peace. From 1820 to 1824 he commanded the Forte on the same station, from 1825 to 1834 was governor of Newfoundland, and on 23 Nov. 1841 attained the rank of rear-admiral. He was MP for Ipswich 1839-41. From 1842 to 1845 he was second in command in China, with his flag in the Agincourt, and was commander-in-chief from 1845 to 1847. He was afterwards (1852-5) commander-in-chief at Portsmouth, and he died in 1872.
In due course of seniority he became vice-admiral on 14 Jan. 1850, admiral on 31 Jan. 1856, and admiral of the fleet on 12 Sept. 1865. He was knighted (29 May 1812) as proxy for his father at his installation as K.B. He was himself made C.B. on 18 April 1839, K.C.B. on 2 Nov. 1847, and G.C.B. on 18 May 1860. He was twice married, and had a numerous family.
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