Person NameFife Schools
ActivitySchools in Fife and elsewhere in Scotland were established under various initiatives. The oldest owed their foundation to the medieval church. At the Reformation, the First Book of Discipline (1560) produced a scheme for a national system of education, to be based on parish schools. These were given financial backing by taxation in 1696 (Act for Settling of Schools, 1696, c.26, APS, x.63-4), and formed the basis of a system which came to include other types of school, both charitable and commercial. The 1872 Act which introduced compulsory education provided for the transfer of parish and burgh schools to the new school boards (Education (Scotland) Act 1872, 35 & 36 Vict., c.62). Since 1873 the administrative structure of education has altered from school boards to county-based 'ad hoc education authorities' (1919), counties and counties of cities acting through Education Departments of county councils and city councils (1930), regional and islands councils (1975) and the present local authorities (1996) (Education (Scotland) Act 1918, 8 & 9 Geo. V, c.48, Local Government (Scotland) Act 1929, 19 & 20 Geo. V, c.25, Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, c.65, Local Government etc (Scotland) Act 1994, c.39).
Corporate NameFife Schools
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