Person NameStewart; Dugald (1753-1828); professor of Moral Philosophy
Epithetprofessor of Moral Philosophy
ActivityDugald Stewart (1753-1828), philosopher, was the son of Matthew Stewart (1717-1785), professor of mathematics at Edinburgh University, and Marjory Stewart. Stewart was educated at the Edinburgh High School from 1761-1765. He then attended Edinburgh University, and in 1771-1772 he attended Glasgow University. In 1772 he took up a post teaching mathematics at Edinburgh University and from 1775 he became associated with his father and took over all the teaching duties of his post. In 1778-1779 he also lectured on morality and astronomy.

Following a visit to Paris in 1783, he married Helen Bannatyne (d 1787), with whom he had a son, Matthew (d 1851). In 1785 Stewart transferred to the Chair of Moral Philosophy. He spent the summers of 1788 and 1789 in France. In 1790 Stewart married Helen D'Arcy (1765-1838), with whom he had a son, George (d 1809) and a daughter, Maria d'Arcy (d 1846).

Stewart was appointed to the writership of the Edinburgh 'Gazettet', 1806, and the annual payment from this continued to his family after his death. In 1809 he took on Brown as his coadjutor and retired from lecturing. From then he lived in retirement at Kinneil House, Linlithgowshire, lent to him by the Duke of Hamilton. On Brown's death in 1820 Stewart resigned from the professorship. Although he suffered a stroke in 1822, he was assisted by his daughter to prepare his lectures for publication. Stewart was a member of the Literary Society, Glasgow and the Speculative Society at Edinburgh University, 1772-1775. Stewart's publications include, ‘Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind,’ vol i (1792); vol ii (1814); vol iii 1827; ‘Outlines of Moral Philosophy’ (1793); ‘Biographical Memoirs’ (1811).
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