Person NameRoyal Burgh of Kirkcaldy; 1644-1975
ActivityKirkcaldy was given to Dunfermline Abbey by Malcolm III in 1075. In 1644 Charles I confirmed the town's status as a royal burgh. In 1811 Kirkcaldy became a police burgh through a local police act. The burgh adopted the general police act of 1850 in 1858. Kirkcaldy Town Council was abolished in 1975 under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973. Its powers were assumed by Fife Regional Council and Kirkcaldy District Council. The main industries in the town were initially salt production, coal mining, and trade with the Baltic and the Low Countries. By the nineteenth century weaving, the linoleum industry, and mining were the main sources of employment. Additional industries included nail making, whaling and pottery. The population in 1891 was 27,155. In 1876 the burgh boundaries were extended to include the neighbouring settlements of Linktown, Pathhead, Sinclairtown, and Gallatown. In 1930 the Burgh of Kirkcaldy and the Burgh of Dysart were amalgamated. There were further boundary extensions in 1939 and 1950. The population in 1971 was 50,360.
Corporate NameRoyal Burgh of Kirkcaldy
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