Person NameRoyal Burgh of Culross; 1588-1975
ActivityCulross was made a royal burgh in 1588 by King James VI (1567-1625). Originally part of the County of Perthshire, Culross was transferred to Fife in 1891 by the Boundary Commission. Early industries included coal mining, salt production and iron girdle making. Trade with the Low Countries brought early prosperity. The decline of the burgh started with the flooding of the coal mine in 1625. The National Trust for Scotland has carried out restoration work in Culross since 1932. Culross Town Council was abolished in 1975 under the Local government (Scotland) Act 1973,(c.65). Its powers were assumed by Fife Regional Council and Dunfermline District Council. These in turn were replaced by Fife Council in 1996 under the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 (c.39)
Corporate NameRoyal Burgh of Culross
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