Person NameBurgh of Burntisland; 1541-1975; Fife
ActivityBurntisland was made a royal burgh in 1541 by King James V (1513-1542). In 1835 the burgh set up a Police Commission under the terms of an act of 1833 ( 3 & 4 Will. IV, c. 46). The police commissioners were responsible for the cleansing, lighting, policing and public health of the burgh. The main industries in the town were initially trade, fishing and the ferry to Granton. In the nineteenth century, Burntisland became the main port for the Fife coalfield until Methil Dock opened in 1888. Burntisland was the fourth largest Fife town in 1891 with a population of 4, 993. In the twentieth century Burntisland became a popular tourist resort. The main employers in the town were the Burntisland Shipbuilding Company (the shipyard closed in 1969) and the British Aluminium factory (opened in 1917). Burntisland Town Council was abolished in 1975 under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (c.65). Its powers were assumed by Fife Regional Council and Kirkcaldy District Council. These in turn were replaced by Fife Council in 1996 under the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 (c.39)

Corporate NameBurgh of Burntisland
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