Dates15th century-20th century
Person NameLeslie; family; Earls of Rothes
ActivitySir Norman Leslie was granted the lands of Fythkill in Fife around 1282. In 1458 King James II made George Leslie (d.1489) the first Earl of Rothes.
The 6th Earl (d.1641) had Leslie House built in the 1670's by Robert and John Mylne. The 7th Earl (1630-1681) was rewarded for his loyalty to Charles II with the post of Commissioner in Scotland in 1663. Replaced as Commissioner by John Maitland, he became Lord Chancellor of Scotland in 1667. In 1680 he was made the first (and only) Duke of Rothes. The estate passed to his eldest daughter Margaret (d.1700), the wife of the 5th Earl of Haddington. Their son John became the 9th Earl of Rothes. His son John became the 10th Earl in 1767. On the death of the 11th Earl in 1773, the estate passed to his sister Jane Elizabeth Leslie. The succession was contested by her uncle Andrew Leslie. The barony of Ballinbreich, in Flisk parish, was sold in to raise money for repairs to Leslie House. Three wings of Leslie House had been destroyed by a fire on Christmas Day, 1763. The wife of the 19th Earl was one of the survivors of the sinking of the 'Titanic' in 1912. In 1919 the Leslie family sold the Rothes Estate. Leslie House and some of the estate farms were bought by Sir Robert Spencer Nairn. Much of the former estate fell within the area designated as the site of the new town of Glenrothes in 1948. Sir Robert Spencer Nairn gave Leslie House to the Church of Scotland in 1953 and the building is used as an Eventide home for the elderly.
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