Person NameBurgh of Prestonpans; 1552-1975
ActivityPrestonpans is supposed to have originated in the 12th century as a place for the manufacture of salt under the control of the monks of Newbattle. In 1552 it was created a burgh of barony in favour of the Abbot of Holyrood. Following the repeal of the Salt Duty in 1825 Prestonpans lost some of its prosperity.
The town's port was originally at Morison's Haven, west of Cuthill but in 1526 a new harbour was formed and called Acheson's Haven after Alexander Acheson, the original owner. This becme an important customs port, whose range included all the creeks between the Friggate Burn at Portobello and the mouth of the River Tyne near Dunbar.
Coast town and parish until 1975 in the county of East Lothian, and a police burgh from 1862. A small burgh from 1930 until 1975.
Situated on the south of the Firth of Forth. National Grid Reference NT3874
Corporate NameBurgh of Prestonpans
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