Person NameRoyal Burgh of Whithorn; c1320-1975; Wigtownshire
ActivityWhithorn claimed to have gained its royal charter from Robert the Bruce in 1325 when he granted it in favour of the Prior and Convent of Whithorn. Subsequently it was erected into a burgh in favour of the Prior of Whithorn in 1451 and a burgh of barony in 1459. It was granted a charter of confirmation of its status as a royal burgh by James IV in 1511.
In the 19th century it was governed by a provost, 2 baillies, a treasurer and 6 councillors.
Supposed birth place of St Ninian and site of an important Premonstratensian priory and cathedral town of the old diocese of Galloway.
Situated in south east Wigtownshire. National Grid Reference NX4440
A town, until 1975 in the county of Wigtown and a royal burgh until 1975. A police burgh from 1873. A small burgh from 1930 until 1975.
Prior to the Redistribution Act 1885 it united with Wigtown, New Galloway and Stranraer to return one MP to the British parliament.
Corporate NameRoyal Burgh of Whithorn
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