JurisdictionExchequer and Treasury
Person NameExchequer and Treasury; Lord High Treasurer, Comptroller, Collector-General, Treasurer of New Augmentation; c1425-1708; Chamberlain
ActivityThis full title represents the amalgamation of 4 offices, three of which had ranked as officers of state. Two originated in 1425 when the Chamberlain's financial functions were transferred to the Treasurer and Comptroller. The early history of the office of treasurer is obscure but from 1466 the comptroller had sole responsibility for financing the royal household to which certain revenues (the property) were appropriated while the treasurer was responsible for the remaining revenue (the casualty) and other expenditure.
The Collector-General, who handled the Crown's revenue fromthe the thirds of benefices, originated in 1562 and appears as an officer of state from 1581.
The Treasurer of New Augmentation, responsible for the former church lands annexed to the Crown in 1587, was never an officer of state.
All 4 offices were held by the same person from 1610 onwards but their separate titles survived the effective merging of their functions in 1635. From 1667 to 1682 the Treasury was in commission and again from 1686 to 1708 and the abolition of a separate Scottish Treasury. From 1690 the Crown nominated one person to sit in parliament as treasurer.
Corporate NameLord High Treasurer, Comptroller, Collector-General, Treasurer of New Augmentation
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