Person NameRoyal Burgh of New Galloway; 1633-1975
ActivityCharles I bestowed upon Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar a charter dated 15 January 1629, which empowered him to create a royal burgh of Galloway on his estates in Kirkcudbrightshire. The site decided on was probably at St John's Clachan of Dalry (St John's Town of Dalry) but no settlement seems to have sprung from this charter. A further grant of 1630 and confirmed by Act of Parliament in 1633 appears to have selected the present site.
The burgh was governed in the 19th century by a provost, 2 baillies and 9 councillors.
Situated in the Kells Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire on the right bank of the River Ken. National Grid Reference NX6377
A town, until 1975 in the county of Kirkcudbright and a royal burgh until 1975. A police burgh from 1865, although Urquhart, in the Burghs of Scotland, doubts whether the general police act took effect in New Galloway. A small burgh from 1930 until 1975.
New Galloway united with Wigtown, Stranraer and Whithorn to return one MP to the British parliament in the 19th century.
Corporate NameRoyal Burgh of New Galloway
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