Person NameMartine; George (1702-1741); physician; the younger
Epithetphysician; the younger
ActivityGeorge Martine the younger (1702-1741), physician, was born in Scotland, the son of George Martine the elder (1635-1712). He was educated at St Andrews University and studied medicine at Edinburgh, 1720 and Lyden, where he graduated MD, 1725. He then practiced in St Andrews. In 1740 he was the physician to the forces under the command of Charles, 8th Baron Cathcart, on the American expedition, and also to the expedition under Admiral Vernon to Carthagena, where he contracted a fatal fever. Martine's publications include, 'Essays Medical and Philosophical' (1740); he also contributed papers to the 'Edinburgh Medical Essays' and the 'Philosophical Transactions'.
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