Person NameBurgh of Leith; 1833-1920
ActivitySeaport on Firth of Forth and port of Edinburgh. National Grid Reference NT2676
Leith was constituted a burgh of barony de novo in favour of Edinburgh in 1636. It was constituted a parliamentary burgh by William IV in 1833 under the 1832 Reform Act. By the mid 19th century it was governed by a provost (who was also the admiral of Leith), 4 baillies and 10 councillors. The burgh officials were a town clerk, treasurer, analyst, officer of health, assessor, inspector of cleaning, firemaster and registrar. Admiral and baillie courts were held by the provost and baillies and there was a special society of solicitors practising before these courts.
Leith is also the seat of a sheriff court.
Dependent on continental trade. Shipbuilding was an important activity along with manufacturing. In 1584 Leith was made the chief market for herring and other fish caught in the Firth of Forth.
A town, until 1975 in the county of Midlothian, created a parliamentary burgh in 1833. A police burgh from 1862 until it was annexed by the city of Edinburgh in 1920.
Leith united with Musselburgh and Portobello to return one MP to the British parliament in the 19th century.
The petty customs were transferred from Edinburgh in 1838 and Leith Links were acquired by the town in the same year. Parts of Leith were under the control of Logan of Restalrig during the 15-16th centuries
Corporate NameBurgh of Leith
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