Person NameCaird; John (1820-1898); principal of Glasgow university
Epithetprincipal of Glasgow university
ActivityJohn Caird (1820-1898), principal of Glasgow University, was the son of John Caird (d 1838) of Caird and Co, Engineers, Greenock. He was educated in Greenock and joined the family firm in 1835, where he gained practical experience, which he combined with attending classes at Glasgow University, 1837-1838. After a short period working in the family firm he became the superintendant of the Chainmakers and in 1840-1845 he returned to his studies at Glasgow University, graduating MA.

Caird then studied for the ministry and was appointed to Newton-on-Ayr, 1845. From 1847-1849, he was minister for Lady Yester's, Edinburgh and from 1849-1857 for Errol, Perthshire. He married Isabella Glover in 1858, and they had no children. Having preached to the queen at Balmoral he was translated to Park Church, Glasgow. In 1860 he was awarded the honorary degree of DD from Glasgow University. In 1862 Caird became Professor of Theology at Glasgow University and in 1873 became Principal. Caird was awarded an honorary LL D from Edinburgh University in 1884, and in 1890-1891 and 1896, he gave the Gifford lectures. He died while in office in 1898. His publications include: 'Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion' (1880); 'University Sermons, 1873-1898'; 'University Addresses'.
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