Person NameJolly; Alexander (1756-1838); Bishop
ActivityAlexander Jolly (1756-1838), Bishop of Moray, was born in Stonehaven and educated at Marischal College, Aberdeen. He was ordained a deacon in the Scottish Episcopal Church, 1776 and admitted as a priest, 1777. His first charge was at Turiff. In 1788, he moved to Fraserburgh and, whilst continuing with his pastoral duties there he became coadjutor of the Bishop of Moray and Ross, 1796, and was collated to the charge of the diocese of Moray, 1798. In 1819 he declined the see of Ross and Argyll. In 1826 he was awarded DD from Washington College, Conneticut. Jolly's publication's include: 'Instructions Concerning the Nature and Constitution of the Christian Church' (1783); 'A Friendly Address to the Episcopalians of Scotland on Baptismal Regeneration' (1826); 'Observations upon the several Sunday Services and principal Holydays prescribed by the Liturgy throughout the year' (1828).
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