Person NameRoyal Burgh of Dornoch; 1628-1975
ActivityIt was originally a burgh of the Bishop of Caithness. In 1628 it was created a royal burgh by Charles I, but with some reservations concerning rights to the Earl of Sutherland, the hereditary superior. Local government. Dornoch in the 19th century was governed by a provost, 2 baillies, a dean of guild, a treasurer and 4 councillors.
Coastal and cathedral town in south east Sutherland National Grid Reference NH7989
A town, until 1975 in the county of Sutherland and a royal burgh until 1975. A police burgh from 1891. A small burgh from 1930 until 1975.
Together with Wick, Tain, Dingwall, Cromarty and Kirkwall, it returned an MP to the British parliament in the 19th century.
Corporate NameRoyal Burgh of Dornoch
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