Person NameBoard of Agriculture for Scotland; 1912-1929
ActivityThe Small Landholders (Scotland) Act, 1911 came into force, and the Board of Agriculture for Scotland was created, on 1 April, 1912. The Board was charged with the general duty of:- (1) promoting the interest of agriculture, forestry and other rural industries in Scotland; (2) the collection of statistics and the making of inquiries, experiments and research in these subjects; and (3) promoting instruction in these subjects. Duties were also laid upon the Board by the Act of 1911 for the formation and enlargement of small agricultural holdings. The powers and duties of the Congested Districts Board and certain of the powers of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries were also transferred to it. By an Order under Section 1(6) of the Reorganisation of Offices (Scotland) Act, 1928 the Board of Agriculture for Scotland ceased to exist on 1 January 1929 and its powers and duties were transferred to the Department of Agriculture for Scotland.
Corporate NameBoard of Agriculture for Scotland
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