Person NameSea Fish Industry Authority; 1981-
ActivityUnder the provisions of the Fisheries Act 1981 (c.29), the Sea Fish Industry Authority was created with effect from 1 October 1981 to take over the functions of the fomer White Fish Authority and of the Herring Industry Board. Its remit is 'to exercise its powers to promote the efficiency of the sea fish industry and serve the best interests of that industry and the consumers of sea fish and sea fish products'. Its headquarters is in Edinburgh.

The Authority's activities are directed at the entire UK fish industry including the catching, processing, retailing and catering sectors. It is divided into various departments. Seafish Technology promotes the sustainable use of fish resources, the encouragement of quality, the reduction of waste and the improvement of safety through practical applied research. Seafish Training and Standards develops standards, training programmes and support learning materials and promotes training opportunities for all sectors of the sea fish industry through a national network of Group Training Associations. Seafish Development encourages the consumption of fish and shellfish, promotes trade development and provides economic and statistical information to assist the industry in strategic planning. Its Aquaculture unit carries out scientific and development work in fish and shellfish farming.
Corporate NameSea Fish Industry Authority
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